Empire Builders -- Reader Feedback
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Rating is average of narrative, photography, and overall inpression.
Total Reviews: 10; Average Rating: 4.7

"As a long time Shaker Heights resident and current owner of a Van Sweringen sublot, I found the book as a very informative source for more history of the Van Sweringen brothers. The photographs and texts painted a deep picture of the impact they had on Cleveland and how their vision still shines bright today. The book is a must have addition to any book collection of Cleveland history and architecture." -- Jeffrey L., Shaker Heights, July 11, 2024. 5.0

"The book is well researched, informative, and a comfortable read." -- Dan G., Shaker Heights, June 26. 2024, 5.0.

"Great book for any Cleveland native to have! I bought this as a Father’s Day gift for my dad who has been in the painting and decorating business in Shaker for over 50 years and he absolutely loves it!" -- Lana Z., Shaker Heights, June 18, 2024, 5.0

"Loved seeing the old houses. Have been in a few of them. Now one of my grandkids wants to move back north and buy one of these homes." -- Henry N., Plano, TX, June 10, 2024, 4.6

"I loved the book. I am not a “ train” person so the depth of the train mergers seemed long but trainophiles will love it, and yes, I know that is the major empire they built so I think my expectations were off." -- Brian C., Shaker Heights, June 10, 2024, 3.7

"Great photography! Just wish floor plans were included." -- David C., Cleveland, OH, June 9, 2024, 4.7

"Empire Builders is absolutely amazing! I love Cleveland history and am in awe of the incredible detail and photos. So much I didn’t know! It will take some time for me to finish but enjoying every minute! I will be sharing this with my daughter and her partner that have a unique home on Berkshire, Cleveland Hts, built in 1913. They will love this book as well. Thank you so much!!" -- Lynne J., South Euclid, OH, June 8, 2024, 5.0

"It's even better than I had expected.... and I expected it to be excellent. Lauren has woven the story of the Van Swearingen brothers into a highly readable account, not only of the rise and fall of these remarkable and rather quirky siblings, but of greater Cleveland's growth. The photographs are wonderful, and there are numerous QR codes linking the reader to more in-depth study." -- Cary S. Cleveland Heights, OH, June 8, 2024, 5.0

"If you love history, architecture, or you’re just a fan of all things Cleveland, this is a great gift to yourself!" -- Victoria B., Chagrin Falls, OH, June 8, 2024, 5.0

"Empire Builders is another beautiful glimpse of important Cleveland history. Thank you for capturing such significant moments forever." -- Denise Z., Chesterland, OH, June 8, 2024, 5.0