Honoring Their Memory
Early Readers' Reviews

“Reading Honoring Their Memory has given me such insight into not only the monument itself but also the context in which it was constructed. The attention to detail that allows this monument to honor each arm of the military active during the Civil War is a tribute to Levi Scofield’s understanding of what it meant to fight for the Union and the respect that he and the Commissioners wished to bestow upon those who fell. Lauren Pacini helps us as readers to continue Honoring Their Memory.”

-- Kate Bennett, Artist and Teacher, Ruffing Montessori School
  “Honoring Their Memory is an in-depth look at how one artist changed the face of Cleveland, Ohio will utterly captivate both history buffs and architecture enthusiasts alike. Through his beautiful photographs. meticulous research, and lively narrative, Pacini tells a fascinating story of American history, politics, and urban development as seen through the lens of one man and one city. Simply a must-read!”

-- D.M. Pulley, bestselling author of The Dead Key
  Honoring their Memory is a real treat – both scholarly and beautiful. Lauren Pacini’s lens captures images I have seen, yet never truly appreciated before. Through his narrative, you get a sense of the immediacy of the Civil War, its effect on the men who fought in it, their deeply felt need to honor and remember their comrades and their desperate fight to accomplish the memorial before the war faded from memory. A feast for your eyes, mind and heart.”

-- Laura Stack, former member of the Board of Trustees, Western Reserve Historical Society
  “Lauren Pacini does it once again as he successfully uses magnificent photographs and compelling text to tell the story of Cleveland’s most prominent monument, The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, and its creator, Levi Scofield. Readers of Honoring Their Memory: Levi Scofield, Cleveland’s Monumental Architect and Sculptor are in for a delightful photographic journey through Cleveland history. Pacini weaves the history of the monument with that of Scofield’s contributions to the architecture of the city and the history of Cleveland’s Public Square and Group Plan. It is a rare opportunity to see images of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument and to learn what it stands for. The book describes the amazing ways in which Cleveland’s leaders and architects, Levi Scofield in particular, realized their vision of public spaces that inspire the community to both honor those who have made sacrifices and to gather to enjoy the city.”

-- Julie Agar, History and Humanities Teacher, Hawken School